EM Sound Healing Chakra Series

Lucinda’s Earth Mother Sound Healing Chakra Series is an invitation into soul and the sacredness of everyday living. Lucinda creates a respectful, gentle, encouraging and healing space that facilitates an environment to learn and enter within each Chakra at one’s own pace. It was interesting to learn about the function and attunement of each chakra and simple practices that can be done to centre and realign the chakras when out of balance. Through the meditation and sound healing I entered a deeper space of relaxation that enabled me to open to images, feelings, guidance, and insights. As the sounds vibrated through me, I felt physical tensions and emotional toxins release, negative thoughts dissolve and restore my sense of wellbeing in my body. The final session in the series was an alignment and healing of all the chakras and I felt lighter, joyful, loved, and renewed in heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit. Thank you, Lucinda, for sharing and teaching the ancient healing of sound and voice and evoking one to discover these sounds and rhythms within ourselves and the heartbeat of the Cosmic Divine.

Clare Woods

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