In The Media

In The Media

On this page, you will find where in the media that Lucinda Curran, Sound Healing Practitioner has appeared.

Podcasts, guest posts, interviews, and more…

Media where you can find Earth Mother Sound Healing

I was interviewed by the amazing MichΓ© Meizner for the “It’s Not Too Late Show.”

Not only do we talk about Sound Healing, but I provide a mini Sound Bath, which you can clearly hear slows MichΓ© right down.

🎧 Listen here.

media earth mother sound healing - kizzi magazine_ ikigai

I wrote an article for Kizzi Magazine called “My Path to Discovering my Ikigai.”

In it I share some key questions to finding. my reason for being, and the path that lead me to Sound Healing.

πŸ“˜ You can read it here.

media earth mother sound healing - 5 Minutes for Me

I created a 5-minute podcast for the app “5-Minutes for Me.”

In it, I share pointers on self-care and easy to implement tips.

🎧 Listen here.

media earth mother sound healing - 5 Minutes for Me (2)

I created a Sound Healing Meditation for the app “5-Minutes for Me.”

This 10-minute track begins with a visualisation and leads into sound healing – all designed to quieten overthinking.

🎧 Listen here.

Elizabeth Diacos interviewed me for the Get Out of Teaching podcast.

We talked about career change, including how you know it’s time… as well as the magic of Sound Healing.

And, I provided a demonstration, too.

🎧 Listen here.

William Renner interviewed me for the Meditation Daily podcast.

We had a fascinating conversation across many topics, including frequency and vibration, the similarities between meditation and sound healing, entrainment, creating space for sound practices, science and sound, and so much more!

And, I provided “baby sound healing” (short demonstration).

🎧 Listen here.