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Are you facing change or a period of transition?

And find yourself stuck in a whirring of thoughts, frozen by possibilities and not sure what to do?

Then download this free audio track(a Sound Healing session) to ease the overthinking.

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The sound healing journey offered by Lucinda is a truly unique, uplifting and enriching experience that gently touches on the unconscious. Lucinda creates a safe and nurturing space and utilises a wide variety of wonderful instruments to make this experience memorable.

~ Anne 

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Where Is Earth Mother Sound Healing Located?

We’re in Melbourne, Australia.

Our time zone is either AEST or AEDT,
depending on whether or not we have daylight savings.

In-person sessions take place in Carlton North, Melbourne Australia.

If you are anywhere else in the world, please book an online session.

Lucinda is a highly skilled and caring practitioner. The sound healing sessions with her were a true delight. They were relaxing and releasing, affirming and strengthening, and most insightful… exactly what I needed to support me through a major life transition

~ Jacqui 

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I feel so blessed to be able to drop in for the sound bath sessions on a Friday afternoon… for me what better way to release the tensions that can so often build during the week and serenely drifting off to a calm peaceful space. I always leave these sessions feeling renewed and refreshed… ready to “start again” as it were. And in line with my own personal rituals an important part of becoming a better version of myself.

~ Jennie 

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