About Lucinda and Earth Mother Sound Healing

Hi, I am Lucinda Curran – 

The person behind Earth Mother Sound Healing.

I will be your guide in these sessions.

I came to Sound Healing when I was in my first year of my Bachelor of Health Science.

One of my lecturers told us that tuning forks can be used to balance the meridians.

As an eager student, I asked, “How?”

I was assured that it would be covered later in the course.

It was never mentioned again.

Years later, I spotted a Tuning Forks Workshop.

On the first day, I knew I had to learn more – 

And about the greater aspects of Sound Healing.

As I progressed through my Diploma of Sound Healing, I came to understand that I’d be using frequencies to heal.

I already understood that everything has a frequency, 

And that we can become sensitive to some.

Which can trigger reactions in us,

From allergic responses, to brain fog, and more.

All the dots came together.

So too, frequencies can be used to support health and wellbeing

On all levels.

Bringing us back to wholeness.

I am fortunate to be participating in Lucinda’s The Changing Times Roadmap program… I feel incredibly lighter, centred and grounded in my body. The Sound Healing sessions feel profound in the way sounds of the instruments, voice and silence move within and awaken… The healing experience is gentle, nurturing and safe.

~ Clare

These sessions aren’t based
on “talk therapy.”

As such, there is no need to:

Rehash the past

Relive bad experiences,

Or even discuss them!

Old hurts, stuck energy and patterns can be released purely through sound.

My approach is gentle.

I carefully select instruments and techniques to support your body’s healing.

You will be safe and supported.

So what happens in an Earth Mother Sound Healing Session?

In an Earth Mother Sound Healing session,

First, we’ll set your intention.

Then, settle you into a comfortable position,

To allow the sounds and silences to surround, fill and carry you.

Then we reflect on the session.

I formulate a session for you from your intention and what is going on for you at the time.

Where do the sounds come from?

Sounds used are from a range of instruments, including:

Tuning Forks

Tibetan bowls

Crystal bowls





And a beautiful array of other instruments

This is my Sound Healing sanctuary.

My special space where I practice.

All sessions take place here.

My sound healing session with Lucinda was pure magic! It was gentle, revealing, & encouraging… It left me feeling both calmed & energised all at once…

~ Kyle


  • Diploma of Sound Healing (Multi-Instrument)
  • Master of Arts
  • Advanced Diploma Building Biology
  • Bachelor of Health Science (TCM)
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management
  • Certificate IV in Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage (An Mo Tui Na)
  • Certificate IV in Massage
  • Certificate IV in Feng Shui
  • Certificate IV in Chinese Astrology
  • Certificate in Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology
  • Level 1 in Spirale Colour Therapy

Getting to Know Lucinda

Lucinda is a highly skilled and caring practitioner. The sound healing sessions with her were a true delight. They were relaxing and releasing, affirming and strengthening, and most insightful… exactly what I needed to support me through a major life transition.

~ Jacqui

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