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The Energy of Spring

The Energy of Spring

The energy of spring brings such a buzz. The air is alive. In the garden, new growth is sprouting up everywhere with the emergence of small leaves and the bounty of flowers.

It’s such a magical time.

It marks the end of the cold Winter months and the beginning of new life cycles. I really notice the shift in the energy as it unfolds, like it does at the beginning of a new year. 

The sky is bluer, and it feels like there could never be cloudy grey days ever again!

Spring is when animals emerge from hibernation and there is an explosion of vegetation for them to enjoy. 

Our modern world locks us away from the natural rhythms – with artificial lighting, heating, cooling, and air conditioning.

But honouring the energy of Spring allows us to live in harmony with nature. 

Tapping into the energy of the season helps us to live with more ease, grace and balance as there isn’t that inner struggle between what we’re doing and the call of nature.

Let’s explore the energy of Spring…

between yin and yangThe energy of spring - earth mother sound healing

Spring is Between Yin and Yang

Spring is the changeover point between the Yin of Winter and the Yang of Summer.

Early in the season is the time to sow your seeds, and as the Yang builds momentum, the fruits of your labour begin to appear.

A seed offers the perfect analogy for this season. A seed has vast potential.

A seed –

  • Might grow into a towering tree and live for hundreds of years
  • Could grow into a tomato plant and yield 10 kg of fruit (all containing new seeds)
  • Has the potential to lay dormant for decades before growing into a beautiful oak tree.

It may be that you need to build your momentum slowly – like taking a big stretch, breathing and rising gently from a long and deep sleep… As opposed to leaping out of bed because of the incessant buzzing of your alarm clock. 

It’s super important to find the rhythm that works for you.

Spend time reflecting on the seeds you would like to plant. Bear in mind that what you sow now is what shapes the future.

What are the seeds that you would like to sow?

The Wood Element and Moving Upwards

Spring is associated with The Wood element, which is all about moving upwards. 

A seedling emerging through the soil and reaching for the nourishment of the sunlight encapsulates this concept so beautifully.

The kinetic energy of a seed, so full of potential, starts compressed, and when it is released, it leaps into the air. After the quiet time of winter we too are ready to literally “spring into action” with the feeling that we are embarking on a fresh “new year.

The Wood element is like a plant that sends its roots down deep (a Winter task) and then throws out branches, leaves, flowers and fruit in Spring. 

This is a time for growth and reaching new heights. 

Some key questions are:

  • What have you been contemplating over winter? 
  • What changes would you like to make? 
  • What would you like to try? 

Now is the time to do this – or at the very least, put the wheels in motion. 

Book that adventure, enrol in that course, join a new group, do something new and different – and surprise yourself!

If you are unsure of your next step, reach into your roots (which are the source of your nourishment) and choose something. 

If you’re like me and have so many options that you don’t know which way to go, then simply select one possibility and take action, but don’t forget to keep a list of all of your ideas so that you can come back to them later.

What action can you take (or schedule in) towards your next step?
moving upwards The energy of spring - earth mother sound healing
emotions and wind The energy of spring - earth mother sound healing

Emotions and Wind (the Energy of Spring)

The wind becomes active in Spring, stirring everything up, spreading the seeds and enlivening the world. 

It appears suddenly, changes direction quickly, and is unpredictable – sometimes being a light wind, other times being gale-force.

The wind can be unsettling as it directly impacts emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy, stress and resentment. If there is an excess of these emotions, it can throw things out of balance. 

However, for others it is cleansing. Some people will find decision-making easy, their temper will be even and their mood calm.

Regardless of whether there is a light breeze or a strong wind, Spring is the season to always remember your scarf! (In Chinese tradition, wind is seen to carry diseases, so wearing a scarf protects vulnerable areas around your neck.)

Can you release unwanted emotions into the wind?

Types of Activity to Match the Energy of Spring

The energy of Spring is emergent. We’re moving from the subdued Winter energies of hibernation – gently opening out.

It’s time to go for gentle strolls, exploring the ever-changing magic of nature.

Exercises that involve moving gently and stretching are ideal. 

“Sun Salutation” comes to mind as the perfect yoga pose for the season.

“Tree Pose” is also a lovely one where you’re connecting deeply with your core, roots and the sky.

Activities that represent Spring would be setting goals and planning a course of action (it’s such a great time to draw on inspiration and dream of possibilities); reaching out to others; and gardening – literally planting the seeds that love Spring.

Which activities feel more like you?
activity the energy of spring - earth mother sound healing
spring diet the energy of spring - earth mother sound healing

The Spring Diet

Sour is the flavour associated with Spring.  To be effective, they need to be eaten in moderation. Some foods to include are lemons, limes, vinegar, hawthorn berries, pickles and golden berries (also known as Inca berries).

As well, the sour flavour astringes, which is helpful when the Spring winds pick up. 

Sour is an especially useful flavour in times of stress or anger.

Other foods that are good in Spring are those that move upwards and are warming – again imitating the actions of a plant. Examples include cabbage, sweet potato, yam, carrot, beetroot, peas, sunflower seeds, shiitake mushrooms, pine nuts, and of course culinary herbs.

As always, eat what is locally produced and in season – if you could grow it in your backyard right now, then enjoy it.

Where can you incorporate some sour flavours into your diet?

Sounds for the Energy of Spring

Chanting and singing is the way to go for this season! 

Our voices arise from deep within us, travel upwards through our throats and out into the world – totally reflecting the energy of Spring.

A lovely (and safe) place to start is to hum. I love humming, then sitting in silence afterwards and feeling the remnant vibrations in my body.

The next step from here is chanting Om (Aum) – at whatever pitch you like.

From here, chanting or singing a mantra with your mala beads is the goal. Start by holding one bead, then complete your mantra. Move onto the next bead, and repeat the mantra. You can go the full length of your mala, or just up to a white bead and back. 

A mantra which ties into the Spring energy of emergence is Aum Namah Shivaya

This translates to “I bow to that which I am becoming.” I love that this mantra allows for possibilities – and I believe that anything is possible.

It is a Siddha mantra that includes the sounds of each of the elements that govern the chakras, thus supporting each of them (Ashley-Farrand, 1999).

Where are you going to start with using your voice?
sounds the energy of spring - earth mother sound healing
inner journey the energy of spring - earth mother sound healing

Honouring the Energy of Spring… and the Inner Journey

Wake from the slumber of Winter to the new Spring day. 

Stretch, rise, sow your seeds, nurture them, and watch them grow!

Mimic the actions of a plant, reach for the Heavens, the sun, the moon, the stars – move upwards, leap into life, shine and succeed!

Would you like to explore Spring’s energy more deeply?

Spring Inner Journey

I’ve put together a mini course that may interest you – Spring Inner Journey and it’s just $17AUD. 

For the first round only, there’ll be a LIVE weekly group Sound Healing.

(Later rounds are going to be more expensive.)

Come and join us before 19th September 2022 to co-create this beautiful experience.

Click here for more information or to enrol.

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