Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls are a traditional companion in Guatemala, and these little handmade dolls could become your favourite confidant!

Each night, a bedtime ritual is carried out where you tell your doll all your worries, thoughts and concerns.

The next morning, as legend goes, your worries are gone!

** Note – these are not toys and are not recommended for children under 8 years old.


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What are Worry Dolls?

They are small dolls that you tell all your woes to before going to bed. 

Although these have been categorised, you could easily choose the ones you like best.

These dolls are hand made in Guatemala. Every one is unique!

How to use them…

You simply sit quietly with your Worry Doll before going to bed and tell him/her all of your problems, woes and worries. 

You then put your Worry Doll under your pillow and head off to sleep, allowing your worries to disappear.

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