Sacred Space Oil Blends Kit

An incredible set of 4 100% essential oil blends to honour and bring in the sacred.

  • Sacred Journey evokes harmony and a deep inner confidence, teaching you to trust your inner guidance and courageously follow your dreams
  • Sacred Knowledge awakens your inner wisdom, guiding you to connect deeply to your innate wisdom
  • Sacred Dreaming supports you to delve into your subconscious, and interpret the meaning of your dreams
  • Sacred Temple opens your vision of the sacred within all things


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This has been made in Australia by Perfect Potion.

4x 5ml

Ingredients are:

Sacred Journey: bergamot, lime, lemon scrented ironbark, fragonia, kunzea, clary sage^, Atlas cedarwood^, Australian sandalwood, ylang ylang, Romah chamomile^, petitgrain, Dalmatian sage^, vetiver^, lemon myrtle, white frankincense, blue mallee eucalyptus, geranium

Sacred Knowledge: black spruce, lemon, vetiver^, petitgrain^, Atlas cedarwood^, basil, Dalmatian sage^ and white frankincense

Sacred Dreaming: geraniu, rosemary, swet orange, Atlas cedarwood^, bergamot, patchouli, Australian sandalwood, peppermint, lavender, vetiver^, ylang ylang and sweet marjoram

Sacred Temple: grapefruit, hinoki, hiba, lavender, bergamot, Atlas cedarwood^, Vanuatu sandalwood, veitiver^, clary sage^, ginger, pine, buddha wood, oakmoss absolute


^ denotes certified organic


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