A pendulum is a handy tool in decision-making – not because it gives us information from elsewhere, but instead a shows us what we already know.

These pendulums are made by my friend’s daughter using Swarovski crystals.ย The main crystal is 2cm long and is clear in colour.ย There are coloured beads just above that match the crystal on the end of the silver chain.

If you have a colour preference, let me know and I will do my best to get you your preference.

Check out the information and video below for more information.


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a Pendulum shows us what we already know.

A pendulum doesn’t mystically draw information from somewhere out there.ย I believe that it shows us what our inner knowing is telling us.

For me, sometimes I need the validation of a pendulum to recognise what I am already feeling inside. Yes, I know that can seem weird, but I would rather trust my pendulum than trust a strangers advice.ย What about you?

I love to teach my clients how to use a pendulum – dowsing for “closed questions” – which yield a “yes/no” answer.

Dowsing should always be done with respect, and not used to forecast the future.

I made this short video just for fun!


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