Mala Beads aka Prayer Beads

Beautiful to wear – and so helpful in chanting and meditation.

A daily mantra practise can be extremely meditative, creating a quiet space in your mind, and bring in enormous clarity.

These Mala Beads are made from a variety of woods, with different colours and grains. There areΒ 108 beads on each “string.”

Check out my “How To” video below as well as written information on their history and use.


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Mala Beads are also known as Prayer Beads

Mala Beads are used in many cultures and religions for many hundreds of years.

They are traditionally used to keep count of the number of prayers, chants or recitations of mantras.

I wanted to offer them here for you to help with your practice.


In many cultures, Mala Beads contain 108 beads.

Each day, your mantra is repeated for each Mala Bead, this enables you toΒ focus on your mantra throughout the whole process (instead of keeping count).


Here’s a video I made about the Mala Beads.


How To Use Your Mala Beads

In terms of wearing them, your Mala Beads can be worn around your neck or looped around your wrist.

But,Β Mala Beads are really for deepening your mantra practice.

Starting a the bead next to the “join” recite your mantra.

Then, move the beads through your thumb and finger so hold the next bead.

Again recite your mantra.

Continue doing this, moving along one bead per recitation.


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