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Keeping Calm in the Chaos

Uncertain Times Means Keeping Calm can be Challenging

With the current climate of uncertainty, it can be difficult to remain calm. Yet, keeping calm in the chaos is essential.

And if you’d like to explore the idea of keeping some calm in the chaos, then read on!

Harder to Plan our Lives

As you are well aware, world events really are shaping our day-to-day lives much more than ever before.

It’s become difficult to set our own schedules, create our own pace, to really live our own lives in the way we choose to.

And if you’re empathic, then no doubt you’re not only feeling your own stuff, but the enormity of bigger picture, as well.

Being caught up in the chaos can make it difficult to connect in with our inner knowing, which can cause decision-making to become quite tough… This is because we get lost on our way and distracted by all the things that are going on.

This can sometimes reach the point that we’re feeling and sensing so much of the external world, that we lose touch with our internal world. With that, comes a sense of being lost.

For many people there’s a sense of really not knowing which way to go, how to move forward, what to do next.

As a highly sensitive person myself, daily self-care is absolutely essential.

I wanted to share some of the things that I’m doing each day to take care of myself and to keep on keeping calm in the chaos.

1 – Time in Nature

The first thing is having time in nature.

Living in the inner city means that much of my time in nature is in the local park, connecting with the wildlife. We’ve made special friends with a family of magpies… They actually fly down or run over to see us.

I find that tuning into them – observing what they doing, becoming still and quiet – connects me into this whole other world that is literally layered (physically) on top of ours.

Tuning into the local wildlife allows me to then quieten enough to tune into myself.

As well, I find it really the following is incredibly soothing for my soul – being amongst the trees, being barefoot on the ground, and just being in nature.

2 – Humming

The second thing that I really like doing is chanting or humming.

I find that that allows me to become very present, especially with my body.

One of the things I love about humming is feeling the vibrations, particularly in my chest, but also the vibrations throughout my body.

I often do this with my favourite Tibetan bowl (watch the video above to see me demonstrate this).

It brings a deep sense of peace.

It really doesn’t matter what note or sound you make because its about becoming aware of the vibrations, the sensations, and bringing that stillness back into your body.

3 – Unconditional Love

The other thing that I to do to raise my vibrations is to bring love into my heart.

The sense of unconditional love is just such a powerful feeling, sensation and experience that it’s something I often bring into my heart and my being, often before I make decisions.

One of the ways that I do this is recalling the experience of unconditional love, whether it’s something I felt for another person, animal or place or something that I’ve received.

Another way I love to do it is to think about my puppies. Of course, they’re front of mind in everything that I do – and they certainly bring a huge amount of love to my world.

So, there are 3 tips that I use to keep calm in the chaos.

What else can you do to keep feeling calm?

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