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How To Incorporate Softening in Daily Life

Softening in Our Modern World

There’s so much scope in our modern world for softening.

As a sensitive soul (introvert, empath, HSP – someone who is wired into nature), I find the modern world harsh. The artificial lights are bright, the sounds are sharp and social media forces us to flip from one thing to the next. 

When they are hidden behind a keyboard and a screen, people say and do things that can be cruel.

More and more, we move to harsh, stiff, rigid, and unyielding.

We’re told we need to “toughen up” as for some reason, softness is seen as weakness. 

Yet, softness is a beautiful melding of strength and wisdom, with knowing oneself.

I see softness as compassion, kindness, respect.

I see it as exploring differences without seeking to change the other.

To bend like a reed in the river, never losing its foothold, but yielding and flowing.

Softness brings light, love, hope, joy, peace and serenity.

I think we can benefit from more of this. Do you agree?

steps for softening

Steps for Softening

I notice that when someone is under pressure, there’s a real tightening – almost like creating a shield to protect from the pressures of the external world.

For this reason, these Softening Steps focus on releasing pressure and creating stillness.

You can combine these all into a daily practice, or move through them as you feel called to.

Step 1 :: Space

Create some space for yourself – especially when you’re feeling there’s no time for it! This is when you need it most.

Clear a daily slot in your calendar for self-care… 

And ideally, head out into your garden or nature every day.

I find lunchtime is a great time to do this.

Step 2 :: Silence

Spend some time in silence. I often recommend that my clients sit in silence before AND after the activities I give them between their Sound Healing sessions.

Sitting in silence allows you to tune into you – internally. What you’re feeling, how you’re breathing, your posture, any pain or stiffness… 

It is great for creating awareness.

Step 3 :: Sounds

Sounds, like everything, have frequencies. Frequencies can affect us in different ways.

Something I love to do is lay down (or sit comfortably) and listen to sounds for 20 minutes. 

I start by listening to what I can hear far away… How far can I hear, what are the sounds, how do I experience them? 

I then bring my listening inwards to the next level – around my home.

Next: within my home.

Inwards further still, to within the space immediately around me.

And finally, within me. What are the sounds that I can hear in my body?

With all the sounds, I ponder how I experience them.

Step 4 :: Hum

Humming is powerful. It doesn’t have to be a tune or a mantra or anything in particular.

You could approach this with a sense of play – and hum in different ways.

Or you could hum MMMM, or a variation I enjoy which is NNNN.

While you hum, notice where you feel the vibrations. Your lips? Throat? Chest? Head? Other parts of your body?

After a few minutes (at least 5 is ideal), sit quietly and observe the remnant vibrations.

Step 5 :: Chant

A simple chanting practice can entail repeating a mantra or chant over and over.

It’s common to chant a mantra 108 times. 

When I do this, I use Mala beads to keep track of where I’m up to – allowing me to focus on the mantra and how I experience it.

Again, I sit in silence afterwards and observe – what I feel, what comes up, the difference in my energy.

Step 6 :: OM Tuning Fork

The OM Tuning Fork is one magic instrument – and certainly my number one Sound Healing instrument to start with – it’s so versatile.

To use it for softening, I recommend the following.

1) Sit quietly, strike the OM Tuning Fork and hold it to one ear, and hum/sing/sound in tune with it.

2) Strike the OM Tuning Fork, and hold it on the centre of your chest. Feel the vibrations through your torso.

3) Strike the OM Tuning Fork, this time holding it between your eyebrows (your Brow Chakra). Notice the ripples of calm it sends through you.

Sit in silence and notice how you feel.

Step 7 :: Sound Healing

Taking this to the next level is regular Sound Healing. Working one-on-one is ideal, as I can structure the session for exactly where you are at. 

Regular Sound Healing resets your nervous system – creating a new “normal”, a deep inner peace where you want to remain. 

I notice my clients (and me, too) quickly recognise when life shifts them from this space and that they actively seek to return… And this gets easier and easier.

This is the key to softening and keeping softness at the forefront.

Some of the other benefits are that with this softness and deep inner peace, you connect strongly with your Inner Knowing, you are empowered, and you take the reins of your life.

Here are a few ways that we can work together.

1) Join the Earth Mother Library to access over 1000 minutes of pre-recorded Sound Healing tracks. You can enrol here.

2) Regular Sound Healing Sessions. You can book your individual Sound Healing session here.

3) I combine weekly Sound Healing with Coaching in my immersive online program. Book a call with me so I can share more about it with you.

Where are you going to start with your Softening journey?

Comment below and share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.

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