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Healing with Light

Healing with Light – What is it?

Healing with light is not a new phenomenon and does not appear to stem from any one tradition, in fact, like herbalism and other healing modalities, it appears to be a global technique that has been used for centuries.

But what is it?

Using light for healing is a very different approach than what we’re used to in our modern worlds. What we’re familiar with is getting treatment for something when there’s a problem. We’re broken, someone fixes us.

From the practitioner’s perspective, we actively do something to another to promote healing.

What’s so different about healing with light, is that it is not “done” to someone…

It’s not even sent to someone, for that matter!

The Healing Power of Light

Light is healing.

To heal with light is to radiate it.

It is not to direct it, to send it to someone or use it to specifically heal.

It is about embodying light, and radiating it outwards.

Where it lands and how it lands is not up to us.

When used in healing, it’s not used to fix or restore someone…

It is about seeing the other as whole and filled with light.

There are some tribes where the shamans (medicine people/healers) use light to heal.

What it isn’t…

Healing with light is about removing ego.

It isn’t about knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

It’s not about directing the light.

There isn’t the projection of light or healing.

What it is…

It’s a gentle, some say more “feminine,” way to heal.

It is about taking the horse to the water… letting go of the reins… and allowing things to be.

Healing with light is about stepping back.

Letting the light do what it does.

Allowing it to be received as it is, or not.

Great ways to get started

healing with light - how to

Here are the basics of how it is done.

STEP 1 Elevate your Vibrations

Personally, and in the Circle of Light, I use Sound Healing to tune in and elevate my vibrations. If you haven’t joined us yet, then you can do this by singing, humming, meditating, and even using your OM Tuning Fork

STEP 2 See the Light

Get yourself into a nice meditative state (the alpha-theta border) and then visualise light.

STEP 3 Embrace with the Light

Merge with it – really become one with the Light you can see.

STEP 4 Shine

Then allow it to radiate from you.

STEP 5 Keep Shining

Many practices require you to “end” the work you’re doing.

Healing with Light is different. You can literally do this 24/7. 

So there’s no need to complete or stop. 

It’s a lovely and simple process. The more you practise, the easier it is to merge with the light and radiate strongly.

Give it a go, and let me know how you find it.

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