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Energy of Autumn

Autumn is one of the most visually stunning times of the year – as the colours shift from greens to reds, to yellows, then brown.

It provides a nexus between the heat of Summer and upcoming cold of Winter.

There’s a freshness to the air, especially in the mornings, as the days begin to reach lower temperatures.

The daylight starts to dwindle with the sun rising later and setting earlier, as we approach the Winter equinox (which is late June in Australia).

Our activities start to become more indoors, but we certainly make the most of the last of the hot days with outings into nature.

By recognising the change in the seasons, we can begin to tap into its energy and live in a more balanced and aligned way.

Let’s explore the energy of Autumn…

Autumn is Between Yang and Yin

Autumn is the changeover point between the Yang of Summer and the Yin of Winter.

This is the time that animals start to prepare their homes for the Winter ahead, creating lovely spaces and collecting the food that is needed.

Observe that in nature, the trees shed their leaves.

This is a beautiful visual for the concept of shedding what we no longer need.

This could be through doing an Autumn clean and decluttering.

Or it could be about releasing old energies, stories and emotions that no longer serve us (sound healing is fabulous for this!).

I like to use visual cues as reminders for affirmations, so as I notice a leaf fall, I repeat, “I release all that is not required for my highest good,” and similar.

Q: What are some ways that you can let go of what is no longer needed?

The Metal Element and Drawing Inwards

Autumn is associated with Metal element in Chinese medicine.

The energy of Metal is contracting, as we shift in focus from the external world (Summer) to the internal world (Winter).

You may find you want to curl up under a blanket, or linger in bed a little longer in the morning.

Notice what your body is calling you to do, and honour it.

In order to contract inwards, we need to have space – one way to create space is to release what we no longer need.

The Metal element is also closely linked to the organs of elimination – physically, emotionally and energetically. 

It is about releasing and letting go. Grief is part of letting go, and it is important to experience this fully to move through it.

Q: Can you set aside an hour or so to be fully present and process what’s going on for you?

Types of Activity for Autumn

The energy of Autumn is contracting – moving inwards.

We’ve completed the outward time of Summer (such extraverted energy) and towards the deep inner world of Winter (an introverted energy).

This is our time to gather what we need for our inner exploration.

Planning supplies is equally as important as planning time for a sabbatical or time off.

Don a scarf and head out for a walk – hiking is a great activity.

Gentle yoga practices that allow you to lengthen and strengthen muscles is ideal.

Meditation is also highly recommended – and if you’re new to it, this is the perfect time to start as the energy is so synchronised with the season.

Q: What will you do to honour the activity of Autumn?

Autumn is associated with Dryness 

As we’ve passed through the heat of Summer, Dryness presents itself… until we move into Winter.

Dryness can show up in the land around us – Australia often looks brown towards the end of Summer.

It can also cause our skin to become dry, our lips chapped, you might notice you’ve got a dry mouth, too.

I see this as another way to shed what we no longer need – sloughing off the older skin, preparing us for Winter’s regeneration.

We can moisten with foods, fluids and of course natural skincare products.

Q: How can you add more moisture in your day?

The Autumn Diet

Given this is a time of Dryness, keeping our fluid intake up, as well as good oils (olive, avocado, nuts, and so on) and moist vegetables, such as okra and pears, and delicious Autumn soups can all be helpful. 

Autumn calls for pungent foods. These stimulate digestion (food and emotions) and help to move everything along – again useful in releasing.

Foods that fall into this category are: bay leaf, basil, cabbage, caper, capsicum, clove, coriander leaf and seed, ginger (fresh, not dried), leek, mint, mustard, nutmeg, oregano, onion, parsnip, rosemary, saffron, sage, scallion, thyme, turmeric, turnip; and herbal teas such as jasmine, peppermint, star anise.

Q: What are some recipes that you could include?

Sounds of Autumn

Filling your lungs and letting your voice come out is a great way to honour Autumn energy. You might sigh, laugh, sing, shout, whoop, hiss.

To amp this up, imagine your lungs filling with white light energy.

Then, as you release your voice, allow it to be a vehicle to let go of all that you no longer need.

Q: Can you set aside a few minutes each day to release with your voice? 

Honouring the Energy of Autumn… and the Inner Journey

Draw your energy in and bring your attention back into you.

Curl up and stretch, use your voice and shed all that no longer serves your highest purpose.

Q: Would you like to explore Autumn’s energy more deeply?

The Autumn Inner Journey is a 30-day e-course and it’s just $27AUD. 

This is a journey done via emails, your private journal and 4x Sound Healing sessions.

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