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Cultivating Love – Part 2

Over in Part 1, we looked at love and it’s healing powers philosophically as well as from various scientific perspectives, including psychology.

Here in Part 2, we’ll look at the power of love to effect other emotions, I’ll share 3 simple exercises to cultivate love, and also a mini Sound Bath to co-create and welcome it in.

We’ve Discovered that Love…

  • Raises our vibrations or frequencies;
  • Entrains by creating a ripple effect; and
  • Can trigger a rush of the feel-good hormones: dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin and noradrenaline. These can reduce stress, anxiety, and also increase the higher level feelings.

Love can also allow us to open our hearts, which enables love to flow through us and to us, like the handful of sand. If you’re constantly feeling love and just experiencing that, then you are bringing in more love as well.

It’s never-ending, it doesn’t run out.

A Chinese Medicine View on Love

Taking love into the Chinese medicine paradigm, I wanted to share with you the power of love in terms of the five elements.

The Fire element is the red one at the top and it’s associated with love and joy.

Following the Sheng and Ke cycles, which are indicated by the arrows, we can see that love:

  • Drains fear
  • Weakens stress
  • Strengthens thoughtfulness, and
  • Helps to overcome grief.

Exercises to Cultivate Love

I’m going to share some exercises with you to bring in love and expand or magnify it.

Exercise 1: Memories

  • Memories, for this exercise, can be real or imagined.
  • Close your eyes and put your hands on your heart;
  • Take a breath in and out;
  • Wriggle your toes;
  • Feel your hands on your heart;
  • I’ll invite you now to bring to mind the experience of unconditional love
  • When you’ve got a clear picture of it, drop your attention down into your heart and just feel the warmth in your heart and the expansiveness.

This is how love feels. And it’s a good reminder. So notice the sensations.

You might feel things in other parts of your body as well, just become aware of those.

I believe we’re all different and we all experienced things in our own ways. So learn how you experience of love.

Exercise 2: Reminders

I love the idea of having pictures as prompts – a bit like a vision board. They can be loved ones, celebrations, travel destinations, experiences…

Your photos around your space, as a screensaver or wallpaper, or as a vision board. Or perhaps they are drawings or paintings that you have done.

  • Place your hands on your heart;
  • Take a deep breath in and out;
  • Wriggle your toes;
  • Gaze at your picture;
  • Once you’ve got that picture clearly in your mind, you close your eyes (you should still be able to see the picture in your minds eye)
  • Drop from your head to your heart;
  • Become aware of the feelings you experience and your body’s reactions when you bring love into it.

Like the first exercise, this one helps you to learn your own responses to love.

You’ll also notice that by doing these exercises daily, you can evoke the sensations more quickly over time.

Exercise 3: Sharing

Science has shown that love can slow the brainwaves to bring attention to the internal world.

We’re going to look at sharing love with others – people, plants, animals… with your hands.

Your hands are roughly equal distance from your heart, which is why I have chosen them for this exercise.

  • Close your eyes;
  • Place your hands on your heart;
  • Bring love to your heart (either exercise 1 or 2 s can do this);
  • Extend your arms out to your sides;
  • Imagine or picture that love from your heart, flowing through my chest and out, down my arms and into my hands (I feel this as heat in my palms);
  • Once the flow is strong and consistent, bring your hands in towards whomever you are sharing the love with (I often hold my puppies faces) and keep the love flowing.

The goal here is to have the palms of your hands facing each other, I won’t go into a detailed explanation, but by doing this, the frequencies cause what’s in between to resonate (or vibrate) at a very low level, which can be extremely calming.

Mini Sound Bath to Cultivate Love

Please get yourself comfortable, pop on some earphones (these are the ones I use) and pop an eye shade over your eyes.

The focus of the Sound Bath is “Love fills and flows through my heart with ease.

How was that? Take a moment to journal about your experiences.

Other Ways to Create Love and Other Higher Level Emotions

In Part 1, we discussed that during times of stress, change, uncertainty, grief, all of those lower level emotions, love can be absent, which was illustrated by the Emotional Scale.

During times of change, it’s common to feel the lower level emotions – the uncertainty, worries, fears, concerns, stress, et cetera. If you’re prone to overthinking, this is often when it becomes apparent.

All of these emotions can then prevent you from feeling the love, joy, passion, enthusiasm, and also clarity with your new direction as well.

In times of change and the lower level emotions, you lose the clarity that you would normally have with the higher level emotions. It’s for this reason that getting the right support can really help to empower you to move through these times of change, or times of transition, with confidence, ease and self-assurance, and allowing you to reach these higher level emotions much more readily.

I wanted to introduce you to The Changing Times Roadmap program, which is my signature program.

The Changing Times Roadmap

It’s –

  • A 3-month immersive program;
  • An individual program with a small group component (small group being up to 6);
  • It utilises Sound Healing and Coaching

Clare gave me this beautiful review after just four weeks of being in the program

How Does It Work?

You and I will meet every single week for our online sessions. There’s an incredible amount of support as well as lots of bonuses.

The details are laid out in the brochure which you can download from here.

I wanted to ensure that those who need it can afford it. And if funds are tight for you right now, then please check out the Scholarship that I offer.

Love – my epic post in 2 parts

We’ve reached the end of my epic post, and I do hope you’ve enjoyed it.

I wanted to thank you from the depths of my heart to yours for taking time out of your busy life to be discover more about cultivating love, experience Sound Healing and explore more about how I might be able to assist you.

What else can you do to experience more higher level emotions?

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