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Conserving Energy

Conserving Energy

As an introvert, I have learned to be mindful of conserving energy through managing my energy. It’s taken me a long time to realise I needed to do this… which is why I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with you.

My energy rebuilds from the things that nourish me – time with Freddie and Mei Mei (my beloved Skye terriers), quiet, time in nature, reading, time with family, drawing, creating, and of course sound healing.

Some of the things which drain my energy include stress, overdoing it , being exposed to allergens or triggers (mould and certain foods), hot and humid weather and my hormones also play a role in this.

We’re all so unique…

I started out by mentioning that I am an introvert. The relevance of this is that introverts rebuild energy levels from the quieter activities, whereas extraverts often need social events or the company of others to do this. (If you aren’t sure what you are, this is my favourite free quiz to find out – and in case you’re curious, I’m an INFJ-A.)

Everybody will have a different set of events that drain or rebuild energy, and it is important to recognise what yours are.

To get clearer on this, I would encourage you to keep an energy journal for around 4-6 weeks. (I’ve suggested this length of time so that it covers at least one menstrual cycle – for women).

In your journal, keep a brief overview of your activities for the day, and also your energy levels. 

At the end of the chosen time period, take a look back and look for patterns. 

Notice what you did a few days prior especially if you felt drained – as sometimes this is cumulative.

Notice what made you feel energised and vital – and again, look at the few days prior.

Learning your own rhythms can help you not only to conserve your energy, but also to face times of change with a lot more grace and ease.

Ways of Conserving Energy

I’ve known since I was in my early 20s about my introversion, and been aware of how to rebuild energy.

The new piece for me is actually conserving energy.

Recently, I’ve become much more aware of how I am feeling because I am regularly checking in with myself.

This has allowed me to do a few things to help maintain my energy – or at least save it for something I’ll need it for.

I wanted to share 5 activities that I’ve found helpful in recent times. 

Conserving Energy - earth mother sound healing

Saying “No”

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become aware that although I can do anything, I can’t do everything.

Listening to my inner knowing, recognising my limits and feeling into my energy is allowing me to say no far more often.

An important lesson for me is realising that there is no shame in saying no and that it gives permission for those around me to also honour their own needs and use this word, too.

If something big is being asked of me, I often reply with, “That sounds amazing, I’ll get back to you.”

This gives me time to review my other commitments and also “drop within” to see if this is right for me right now.

If I have the time, energy and enthusiasm – I say yes.

Otherwise, I hold my energy close and decline.

Conserving Energy - earth mother sound healing

Prioritising Tasks

Monitoring the ebb and flow of my energy levels has caused me to prioritise tasks – not to opt out of them, but rearrange them according to where I am at.

If it is a low energy day, I will take a look at my list of tasks and identify the single most important one. That then gets done first with higher energy levels.

The rest of the tasks are organised in terms of both importance as well as energy required.

This often becomes tasks on my calendar being allocated a number – as this sets the flow for the day.

I find this is also quite liberating as it means the hard work – the decision-making and planning – has been done, allowing me to just implement and act.

For me, doing this “higher level” task first helps to conserve my energy for the rest of the day.

(I recognise that there is certain level of privilege around this – but I believe that for all of us, it is still very possible to jiggle the order of tasks in a day to suit our energy levels.)

Conserving Energy - earth mother sound healing

Bathe in Sounds

As always, I have to advocate the benefit of sounds.

For me, Sound Healing is #1, but other sounds and music can also be helpful.

When my energy is low, bathing in sounds (a passive activity) is so helpful for conserving energy.

I’m creating a library of recorded Sound Baths with this in mind. (Let me know if you want to know more about this.)

It doesn’t always have to be the beautiful instruments from Sound Healing.

Other ways to bathe in sounds that I enjoy are:

Laying on the grass and listening to the birds is one of my favourite things to do.

Sitting in the shade and listening to the waves.

Playing music softly in the background to help bolster my energy…

Even just listening to my favourite artists in the background while I go about my work.

Eating Well

When I am feeling that my energy is low, or I look ahead and see a draining patch coming up, I set myself up to eat well.

Often, when I am tired, preparing meals becomes difficult.

So, I like to plan ahead.

This could be cooking a double quantity so that there are leftovers for other days.

Always cooking a bit extra so that I can freeze a meal or two.

Putting together easy to prepare meals – such as couscous with vegetables, and then simply pouring boiling water on it a bit in advance; preparing a “bowl” and then blending and adding the fresh fruit at meal time.

I’ve found that I can conserve a lot of energy by spending less time in the kitchen, but by eating well.

Conserving Energy - earth mother sound healing


Giving myself permission to pause has taken decades! And I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Even a 1-minute pause can be incredibly restorative.

It can seem counterproductive – stopping work for a minute or two… but if I can conserve and rebuild energy in that short break, it is well worth it because I can return to work wit more gusto.

If I feel my energy draining away, I like to curl up with my puppies for a few minutes. I swear, it’s like being plugged in to recharge!

Gazing at the sky, watching the birds, witnessing the sun set… All of these are magical moments to pause.

A pause could also be a stroll around the block to clear your head; doing a Sudoku puzzle; drawing; getting up from your desk and refilling your cup (literally).

There you have it – 5 ways of conserving energy.

Of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas so feel free to get in touch.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy all that you do.

Shine and Succeed!



I created a mini sound bath with the focus, “I am calm and soothed. My nerves are even.” This is designed to soothe and calm the nervous system, helping it reset. You can listen here…

What else can you do to conserve energy?

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