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Changing Professions

Recently, I was interviewed by Elizabeth Diacos, the host of theGet out of Teaching podcast about changing professions.

And when it comes to changing professions, I have to say, I’ve done it more than a couple of times.

We had a robust conversation about teaching, and our experiences of it – this was my first profession. Then she asked me this amazing question –

What was the catalyst for deciding I needed to change my career?

I was living in the Blue Mountains before deciding to move down to Melbourne – because I knew teaching down here was much, much better.

And it really was – it was incredible.

When I got here, I landed myself a job in the most amazing school with no politics, with great parents and the children were incredible.

But then I started to realise that I wasn’t enjoying it.

Previously, I had thought it was the politics that bothered me – the adult stuff (not the kids or the teaching)… But there wasn’t any in this school

I actually came to the realisation that it was just time to change.

When I’d begun my teaching career, I’d seen a lot of jaded teachers. I saw the impact that had on the students and promised myself that one day, if I ever got up in the morning and said, “I don’t want to do this anymore,” I was going to stop because it would hurt the students – which wasn’t fair.

So once I got the inkling that it was time to change, I gave my notice – which mean that I actually gave six months’ notice.

I didn’t know what I was going to do next, but I knew it was time to resign.

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I’d Resigned. Now My Only Way Was Forward. Sigh. But Where To?

I used the next few months to make the decision about what I wanted to do.

There was this amazing sense that I could do anything, so I asked myself, “What would I like to do?”

Then overwhelm kicked in because “I can do anything” became too huge to deal with.

From here, I did some soul searching and went back to what I’d said very early on – “That if I ever stopped teaching, I’d love to…”

Eventually I had narrowed it down to two options – Chinese medicine (because acupuncture was the only thing that had helped me with the pain from the ganglions I had in my wrists) and psychology (because I find people fascinating, I love solving problems and I like making the world a better place).

Looking further into Chinese medicine, it turned out that psychology was part of Chinese medicine. Decision made!

With that, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science and completed a double major over five years.

Once I moved to the inner city to practice, my health declined due to many factors in my environment.

And that meant another pivot!

Back to the books to explore and understand the way that our homes and workplaces can impact our health. That was something I did for the last 10 years. This work was very science-heavy and also focused on the negatives.

That “feeling” grew and grew, and as soon as I spotted a course in Tuning Forks, I knew what was next!

Why? Because in my very first year of my Health Science degree, one of the teachers said, “You can use tuning forks with the meridians.” (Meridians are the energy pathways that join up the acupuncture points).

My ears pricked up, and I asked for more… “You’ll find out later,” he assured me.

But it was never mentioned again.

Back to the books – again!

I then continued and completed my Diploma of Integral Sound Healing, not quite knowing how that was going to fit in with what I was doing – but again, trusting sense, that urge – what call my “inner knowing” – that this was the right thing and I would work it out eventually.

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Intrigued to Know if Changing Professions Was Worth It?

My days are varied…

I’ve got a beautiful immersive program that I run with clients. On alternate weeks, everybody’s getting an individual sound healing session. Then one week, we have individual coaching sessions and a group Sound Healing. On the other week, we do a group Campfire where we all get together to support each other and experience some more Sound Healing.

When I do an individual Sound Healing session, it begins with a brief consultation where we discuss what is going on and set an intention. Then, once my client is comfortable, I encourage them to “surrender to the sounds” – being aware of the sounds and their experience of the sounds, and not overanalysing them or being too conscious. Just letting go and experiencing whatever happens at the end of that. We then have debrief and I share an activity to do between sessions.

So was it worth changing professions? YES!

You can check out the interview (along with a mini Sound Bath) right here…

Or you can listen to it here on Apple Podcasts.

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A Great Big (Challenging) Lesson in Changing Professions

What I noticed was that my mind spun with too many options.

The only way to narrow it down was to go within and connect into what felt right for me.

I had to get quiet.

To reflect; consider my options; and think ahead – would I enjoy this in 5-10-15 years from now?

Ultimately, I had to learn to trust myself.

Asking people their thoughts didn’t bring me any closer to making my decision.

Connecting in with my inner knowing was the only way I could make those enormous decisions.

And, now I have Sound Healing to still my mind and help me connect inwards. So grateful!

I’d love to hear from you –

Have you had an experience like this – where you knew it was time to change but not been sure what was next?

Click here and tell me what your experience was like – or leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your story!

What else can you do keep it together when changing professions?

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