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Energy of Autumn

Autumn is one of the most visually stunning times of the year – as the colours shift from greens to reds, to yellows, then brown. It provides a nexus between the heat of Summer and upcoming cold of Winter. Thereโ€™s a freshness to the air, especially in the mornings, as…

spring clean your inner world - earth mother sound healing - sunflower on pale blue background
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Spring Clean Your Internal World

To โ€œSpring Cleanโ€ is the chance to get rid of what is no longer needed, refresh, and create a new starting point. We usually do this in our homes. But we can do it internally, too. In many traditions, the external space is seen as a reflection of the internal…

the energy of spring blossoms
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The Energy of Spring

The Energy of Spring The energy of spring brings such a buzz. The air is alive. In the garden, new growth is sprouting up everywhere with the emergence of small leaves and the bounty of flowers. Itโ€™s such a magical time. It marks the end of the cold Winter months…

The Energy of Winter - earth mother sound healing - blue flowers on white pages of spiral bound journal
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The Energy of Winter

To honour the energy of Winter brings us closer to living in harmony with nature is all about honouring the natural cycles, from day to night, through the seasons, and even birth to death. This contrasts dramatically from our modern lives where we donโ€™t know where the moon is at,…