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Choice Appears in Every Moment - earth mother sound healing
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Choice Appears in Every Moment

Every moment in our lives presents us with options. Every option allows us the opportunity to make a choice. Every choice shapes our future. Choices Abound and Empower Choice provides us with the opportunity to shape our future. When this idea is in your consciousness, it unleashes an enormous sense of…

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Embrace Your Inner Changemaker: Unleash the Power Within You

Changemakers, the world needs you In a world that is constantly changing, there is a need for individuals who dare to step up and become changemakers. However, many of us find ourselves held back by self-doubt, overwhelm, and fear, preventing us from fully embracing our true purpose.  It’s time to…

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Energy of Autumn

Autumn is one of the most visually stunning times of the year – as the colours shift from greens to reds, to yellows, then brown. It provides a nexus between the heat of Summer and upcoming cold of Winter. There’s a freshness to the air, especially in the mornings, as…

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Cultivating Love – Part 1

Love is a powerful emotion. We all know the power of hearing a great love song, whether it be a ballad, a sad song of love lost or the yearning of unrequited love. I could create you a playlist of songs about love – but it’d take days or months…

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Conserving Energy

Conserving Energy As an introvert, I have learned to be mindful of conserving energy through managing my energy. It’s taken me a long time to realise I needed to do this… which is why I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with you. My energy rebuilds from the things…

Keeping Calm in the Chaos - earth mother sound healing
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Keeping Calm in the Chaos

Uncertain Times Means Keeping Calm can be Challenging With the current climate of uncertainty, it can be difficult to remain calm. Yet, keeping calm in the chaos is essential. And if you’d like to explore the idea of keeping some calm in the chaos, then read on! Harder to Plan…

Feeling Hopeful in 2022 - earth mother sound healing
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Feeling Hopeful in 2022

If you were feeling hopeful coming into 2022 and quickly became overwhelmed with all the things that are going on – BUT you still want to retain that hopefulness – then this post is for you. Life’s Been Tough for Many of Us This whole thing of being overwhelmed with…